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When every ride is an adventure, every turn is freedom and every path is exploration invitation, all you need to do is place an order.

  • Range

    30km / 45km

  • Weight

    31 Kg

  • Charge Time

    3-5 Hours / 6-7 Hours

  • Lithium Battery

    48v 10.4Ah / 48v 20Ah

  • Top Speed

    25 Km/h

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The Mini Steezer E-Scooter

The most comfortable ride

The Mini Steezer, the future of electric vehicles. Designed for a comfortable cruise, it leaves no heads unturned. The Mini Steezer is the ultimate electric scooter — with a cool style and plenty of power. And now with FREE SHIPPING!

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  • Wow!

    "This is the best ride i've had in years.
    Simple to operate, comfortable and smooth. The Mini Steezer is a dream."

    Steve J, Augost 17th 2023

  • Amazing ride!

    "Hop on hop off - It's that simple. Easy to ride, great to transport. really, this is the best thing I have ever bought."

    James C, May 5th 2023

  • Sweeeeeet!

    "I ride anywhere I want, cruising and enjoying every turn and path. Great little machine."

    David L, October 2nd 2023